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Custom pin punch

Removing machine tags

One the problems I came across during my first restoration was with removing the tin manufacturers tag affixed by two pins. These pins are punched into their appropriate holes at the factory and can make a removing the tag a real chore. For tags that are placed in such a location that allows access from [...]

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DeWalt GE Radial Arm Saw

DeWalt GE Radial Arm Saw – May 1962 Model: 640 7.5 hp 3 phase This is one of 3 Dewalt RAS’s I found in a salvage yard and by far the best one of the pick. These saws are much bigger than I thought from the picture’s I’d seen. I hadn’t planned on ever getting [...]

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Delta HD Shaper

Delta Rockwell Shaper

I purchased both of these Delta Heavy Duty shapers from a gentlemen in a town a little south from where I live. Included in the deal is a full wall cabinet full of tooling: 3 wing cutters, spindles, slip-knife cutters, spindles, wrenches, etc. These shapers are great machines capable of a wide array of work. They [...]