Dunlap 18inch scroll saw

Dunlap 18″ Scroll Saw model 103.0407

This saw was manufactured by Dunlap. I had 2 of these machines but gave one to my Dad to use in model airplane building.
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  1. Tim Myers says:

    Where can I get blades and parts?

  2. Luke says:


    Blades – Can probably be found at any tool store. I think Sears has them locally.

    Parts – most likely Ebay or the owwm sale forum.

  3. Bob Snyder says:

    Can you help me I bought a dunlap Scroll saw at a thrift store modle # 103-2178 could you help me to find the year it was made
    thank you

  4. Luke says:


    Post over at owwm.org and they should be able to help you nail that down.

  5. Ed Duke says:

    I have a 24 inch dunlap gig saw.I want to know if anyone has the original owners manual . ALSOwhen it was made model #103.0403

  6. Luke says:

    Ed, check out owwm.com to find out more info on your saw.


  7. Joshua says:

    I was looking for parts for an old scroll saw not like the one in the picture but i have one of those scroll saws in the picture, email me at joshuawoodward089@hotmail.com if your interested

  8. Luke says:

    Joshua, the two best places to look for parts for that saw are Ebay and the OWWM.org for-sale forum. Hope that helps.

  9. brian says:

    any broken bandsaw blade will work, i have this exact saw, works better than many new ones

  10. justin says:

    Is there a tension adjuster. i cant get the blade taught enough to do fine work

  11. David says:

    Hi, I noticed that you use Electrolysis to clean parts. I am new to this and thought of using sandblasting. Could you explain the difference and how to Electrolysis.

  12. Jim says:

    I’m looking for an owner’s manual for Dunlap scroll saw #103-2179.

  13. Michael Tavalin says:

    This Dunlap scroll saw was manufactured by King-Seeley Corp. for Sears. Dunlap, a brand name for Sears’s second quality tools (after Craftsman), was named after the head buyer for Sears’s hardware dept. Dunlap, as a brand, replaced Companion around 1941-2.

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