Davis & Wells 6″ Jointer

This is my 6″ longbed jointer, with the option cast iron stand.

More info coming soon!

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  1. damian torres says:

    I just purchased a 12″ Davis & Wells table saw.
    I’m having problems with the blade height adjustment. There seems to be some grinding that does not feel right. There is no obvious adjustment that I can see. Any ideas?

  2. Skip says:

    I need info on the blade size and blade holders for this jointer. I have one but these parts are missing.

  3. Luke says:

    Damian, you need to inspect the threads on the adjustment screw. It’s probably a acme thread and is common to collect dust / sap and gum up. May need cleaning and a lube, I think a dry lube paste would work well there.


  4. dennis says:

    I bought a Delta Milwaukee jointer with the serial # 86 7825. Does anyone know the model# and date of this machine? THANKS!!!!!!!!!

  5. Luke says:

    Dennis, give Delta a call and they can give you the model number and date of your machine.

  6. David says:

    Dennis, Your jointer was built it 1950, Have fun..

  7. Ken F says:

    I have restored plenty Davis & Wells equimpment. D&W in my own shop two table saws, boring machine, jointer, bandsaw and shaper.

    The table saw raising lowering of the blade works from a worm gear and sprocket it gets dirty and rusted.
    It is best to go thru the complete trunnion assembly.
    To work on the Davis & wells table saws “turn them upside down”.
    If you dont things drop and break.

  8. Lowell says:

    I have a 6″ long bed jointer with stand and big org. motor . And it still works great . Bought it about 40years ago from a retired contractor in AZ. I think that he may have moved it from R.I. when he came to AZ. in the 40′s . His family is all gone so no way to check history of this tool . They just don’t make them like they use to !!!!
    Makin sawdust .

  9. Steve says:

    Hey guy’s looking for a stand for me 1950′s 6″ jointer any ideas. Thanks. I also have a 10″ d/w table saw for sale excellant condition

  10. I have a Davis/Wells 6″ joiner and all of a sudden it will not rotate. When I grab the belt and pull on it by hand the blade turns part way then clink I can hear it hitting something. Any ideas?

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