Delta 1460 12″ Lathe

This lathe is a dream come true for me. Well known as being the best in it’s class I’ve been looking for one for a long time. I’ve seen a bunch of them but none within my very tight budget range. Until this came along. The machine is VERY complete and is in running condition. Single phase, original planks on the stand, original switch rod and switch.

I am looking for the optional compound rest cross-slide attachment for this lathe.

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  1. Max L. Heflin says:

    I recently bought 1460-12 lathe. I cleaned it up and repainted it. It had some vibration…and suspecting it was the belt, I replaced it with a link belt. Now I can stand a nickle on end on the frame and it will remain standing when turning on the lathe.

    I lost the cap that covers the headstock when bringing home in my trailer! Can you remove the drive chuck from the tailhead? I have tried several things, but cannot get it out. It is my understanding that it is a morse taper….Max

  2. Luke says:


    The old belt was probably dried out and formed into an oval. Glad the link belt fixed that. As far as the tail stock, to eject whatever center you have in there just retract the quill all the way back – near the end of it’s travel it will pop out whatever is in the taper. Let me know if that works.


  3. Max L. Heflin says:

    Thanks for the reply. You spoke of getting the cap center out of the TAILSTOCK. My tailstock is the Old Style Tailstock. Mine has a live center, that screws in, and it works okay, but if the wood touches the stationary part of the tailstock quill it get hot…though a little oil takes care of it. Can I change mine to a morse taper, so that I can install a sealed bearing center?

    What about getting the spur center out of the drive shaft on the HEADSTOCK?

  4. Luke says:


    Like I said, I’m pretty sure your tailstock and headstock are both MT. To eject whatever type of center you have in your tailstock (doesn’t matter) just turn the tailstock handwheel to retract the quill all the back. The center will bottom out and eject.
    To remove a center from the headstock spindle you need rod called a knockout tool. Your headstock spindle is hollow so you use a long steel rod and put it in on the outboard side of the headstock then use a mallet to tap it – eventually the center will pop out. Best to have something there on the bed to catch the center so it doesn’t get damaged when it comes out.


  5. Max L. Heflin says:

    Luke, Thanks for the information. I am anxious to get down to my shop and apply your suggestions……..Max

  6. gary says:

    I believe I have the cross-slide you’re looking for. Doesn’t fit my Walker Turner.

  7. Luke says:


    Sweet! I’ve sent you an email to discuss.

  8. Harvey Russell says:

    I have a Delta 1460 lathe that is almost 100%complete. I need a Delta 1460 tool rest. It has a squirrelly designed toolholder post. The post (of the tool rest) is half round with left and right 45 degree cuts with a 3/16″ x 1/4″ key way at the 12 o’clock position. Why would anyone design such a complex arrangement for such a simple use is beyond me. If someome has one for sale please send price and photos on first response. I sure don’t want try spend
    the time makeing one. HR

  9. Luke says:


    Your tool rest has either been modified or is not original. The posts for that lathe are 100% round.

  10. Amelia says:

    I have a DeWalt GE Radial Arm saw with foot pedal, it cam from a downsizing manufacturing facility.

    I am a liquidator and am looking to sell it.
    If anyone is interested, please send me an email @

  11. jim d says:

    has anyyone adapted outbosrd turning part 46-872 to older style cast iron leg lsthe

  12. jim d says:

    adapting outboard part6-872 to old style cast iron leg lathe

  13. Jim says:

    I recently purchased a Delta 1460 12″ Lathe. According to the serial # it was built in 1945. The lathe has 2 steel legs, much the same design as the cast iron legs that were shown on other lathes of that vintage. The look to be original from Delta. Does anyone have any information? Are they considered as good as the cast iron, or because of the additional weight are the cast iron legs better?

  14. Richard Pethe says:

    i am also looking for a source for the cross slide for Delta lathe mod 96e99500el, cat. 46-612p. If you have details an email would be appreciated.

    Richard (Pete) Pethe

  15. mark phillips says:

    I have a 1937 Delta Rockwell Homecraft 11×36 lathe given to me 20 years ago by my grandfather. Its been in storage since but now I’m restoring it.

    I have a few questions. How do I dismantle the headstock to get a look at the bearings? Failing that what oil should I put in there and how much? There is a small oil filler cap on top and a drain plug down the side.

  16. Harvey Russell says:

    I have a Rockwell Delta 1460, 1967 model. I have both wood and metal working tool holders. I have partially restored the lathe but physically am not able to complete the job. There are many tools that go with the deal. I hope to get somewhere around $1000 for everything. I have photos. Email me at: sharkfiter@comcast,net and I will send the photos. Location is south Florida.

  17. Thomas A. Kucinski says:

    I have a Rockwell Delta Scroll saw from the late 1950s and it is for sale. It has no stand and some upper guides are missing, otherwise it is in good shape, the missing parts can be ordered from Delta. There is no rust and the motor is 110 volt. Asking price is $150.00. Please give this saw a good home!!!

  18. Eldon Cushing says:

    I have a model 40-440 24 inch scroll saw mounted on a stand….Excellent condition. Serial Number is DK-3429…I’m looking for a date of manufacture and a manual for it… Any suggestions Thank you EC

  19. Tom Seibert says:

    To Anyone in the know, I have a Rockwell/Delta
    wood lathe with the nomenclature Homecraft on the opposite side. The Serial # is 0-2852 It’s a sweet
    old darling with a rare arbor.(8 tpi @ 3/4″)
    Can anyone assist in locating a faceplate?
    Left hand thread is preferable.


  20. Bob Mullarkey says:

    I have a 12 inch Delta wood lathe and need to change the drive belt. I tried to loosen the nuts on the spindle but they are very tight and I did not want to damage them. Any suggestions how to get the new belt on?


    Bob M

  21. ralph redding says:

    I have a DELTA 1460, 46-305 wood lathe with the newer tailstock. Is the SPINDLE a Morse Taper #2?

  22. Steve Lock says:

    I have just got a “Homecraft Delta Milwaukee AM-6011″ Lathe all works but the Tail stock is missing the Spindle Screw and parts. Any idea where i can get them

  23. KENNY CUTLER says:

    I am looking for a Steady Rest, part #46-468 for a Delta Wood lathe, variable speed.

  24. Jim Decker says:

    I have been turning on a delta-rockwell 1460,46-305 12″ wood lathe. Now the bearings are shot. I have exposed the bearings. How do I remove the spindle, so I can remove the bearings with a bearing puller?
    Thank You.

  25. Lloyd Shomo says:

    I have a Delta 1460 wood lathe. Is there any method or parts that I can raise the head and tail stock 1″.

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