Delta Rockwell Shaper

I┬ápurchased both of these Delta Heavy Duty shapers from a gentlemen in a town a little south from where I live. Included in the deal is a full wall cabinet full of tooling: 3 wing cutters, spindles, slip-knife cutters, spindles, wrenches, etc. These shapers are great machines capable of a wide array of work. They are big enough to handle large work but not so heavy you can’t move one if you really have to.

The one thing that really requires work on these shapers is the spindle cartridge. That’s the piece that the motor drives, and is what holds the removable spindles. The bearings go bad after so many years, and they are put together in such a way that doing it yourself is really hard, if not impossible, because of the preload and fit that is necessary for proper function. I know a guy in Texas that I’m going to send mine to, he’s very experienced with these and charges a real fair price to take it all apart, put in new bushings, bearings, then preload and get it dialed in. If you are interested in the same service, you can find the info and have your spindle rebuilt here.

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  1. Carey says:

    Do you have the phone number of the person in Texas that does this work?


  2. Luke says:


    Let me look around a bit, I’ll get it for you! Check back in a week or so. Thanks.


  3. myron smith says:

    i have been patiently waiting for the phone # and or address
    of the guy in texas that can change bearings in a spindle cartridge
    from a rockwell heavy duty shaper. the spindle cartridge in a small
    rockwell shaper, are they preloaded and we are not to molest them also?

  4. Luke says:


    I’ve posted the contact info for that service above.

  5. athena says:

    my dad has a Dewalt Saw model c-f rel No. 63 serial 114-633 serial 261-h66

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