Delta Rockwell Unisaw

Delta UnisawThe venerable Unisaw is Delta’s (and later Rockwell’s, after they bought out Delta) big win. Arguably the most popular table saw ever made, it’s still in production, albiet in a much changed form. For a few decades though it remained relatively unchanged, a testimant to it’s incredibly well-thought-out design and construction.

It’s 10″ blade capacity allowed it to be used as both a hobbyist as well as production machine. The heavy cast-iron internal castings are strong and resist flexing or deflection.

I finally came across one locally at the price I wanted. It’s show here with the table removed for transport. It’ll be used alot in my shop, that’s for sure. In my opinion, the unisaw is the best in it’s category. The only other saw I’d ever get is an Oliver but that’s a whole other animal, both in it’s weight as well as restoration cost. The bearings on the unisaw are considerably cheaper than on the Oliver saws.

These saws were equipped with both single and 3-phase motors, so if you don’t have a phase converter, be sure to check the motor’s phase before you purchase it.

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  1. kelleye says:

    I have a 1962 delta power table saw in great condition want to sell. 3/4 hp 115 volts 3456 RPM 60 cy.

  2. patrick crowe says:

    Any suggestions on what to look for in purchasing a Delta Unisaw? Some say Delta Rockwell, any difference? Also, horsepower, seems that 1 1/2 and 3 hp are common. At 220v either seems adequate for ripping. I am not a production shop so price is more important than massive power. I’m currently using a 110 contractor’s saw so any 220 machine will be adequate.

  3. Dan says:

    Hi guys, I have a Rockwell 34-450 from ’73 which belonged to my father that I am restoring. The locking mechanism for the blade angle wheel does not work, but that for the blade raising/lowering does. How exactly does the lock work? The parts schematic for the machine does not show a collet or other normal means of locking the wheel. Any suggestions? Thanks very much, Cheers.

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