DeWalt GE Radial Arm Saw

DeWalt GE Radial Arm Saw – May 1962
Model: 640
7.5 hp 3 phase

This is one of 3 Dewalt RAS’s I found in a salvage yard and by far the best one of the pick. These saws are much bigger than I thought from the picture’s I’d seen. I hadn’t planned on ever getting a RAS, figuring I could get by w/my newer dewalt compound MS. I offhandedly asked how much the guy wanted for the saws and his answer was the primary motivating force of me buying it. I called my wife and told her about the deal to see what she thought. She said she’d buy it for me for Christmas, so here it is in the back of the trailer.

It looks to be in great condition other than sitting outside in a very dry climate for a couple years and a broken blade guard bracket. Everything turns, motor bearings glide for quite a while, and the roller bearings seem smooth. I’m hoping the ways don’t need any attention.

I found this saw in my home town while visiting my parents for the holidays. My dad was with me and helped me use the salvage yard’s new forklift to dig the saw out behind rows of machinery since the workers were on lunch break and didn’t want to help us.

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I’ve sold this machine

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  1. bill brogan says:

    does anyone supply bearings for my 9 inch AMF marketed de walt saw? the bearings are like their owner (me) getting old and very creaky. I have had the saw since back in the 1950′s, and I want to fet it working like it did when I bought it for $249 for it.

  2. paul boone says:

    i have a 16 in dewalt 3 phase radial arm saw in great was factory rebuilt when i purchased it from a used tool dealer. it is awesome. we used it to cut window and door headers after they had been put nailed together . it could not be stalled while cross cutting dbl 2x10s. i sold my shop bldg but kept most tools.this tool is in great will cross cut and rip 24 in. a very heavy tool.i also have a 3 phase converter. i am moving and would be willing to sell for $1,795.00 you move. i can be reached 865-740-4096 e-mail

  3. Rod Draper says:

    I have a 16inch Dewalt model GE 609 240 volt single phase 5hp.
    I need the capacitor value as mine is missing.

  4. E. Smith says:

    I have a GW1 Dewaly saw Serial # 144728 with a rewired motor I would like to sell.
    This saw is in very good condition. For more information call 575-365-5956.

  5. Dan Wedlake says:

    I have a GE 16″ 5 hp,3 phase, long arm for sale. it is invery good condition. For more information call 814-933-2718.

  6. Ron Burns says:

    Have DeWalt GE model. Label is all but gone. It’s a 5 hp single phase 208 volt. Any way to tell what model of GE this is. It has standard arm. Want to take apart and repaint, any info on repair manuals or instruction on these. Didn’t have a table, so could use some info on that.
    It was loaded in my truck with a forklift, had to take motor off then post assy to unloasd.
    The arm bearings need to be replaced but don’t have a clue on getting them off.
    I have an 925 for some time but this is alot bigger and different.
    The wiring is junk and the starter is working but looks like it should be replaced. The arm cover with on/off switch is broken (casting) so I will need that also
    Thanks, Ron

  7. david williams says:

    I have a Dewalt RAS, model GE REL#617, S/N 223177. Runs fine, used it last 4-5 years ago, been in my heated pole barn since. It needs a home with someone who appreciates it. Not sure what a fair price is, I see them listed all over the place. Not looking for a dealer, a end user. Thanks, David

  8. Dean Orsborn says:

    I have a Dewalt radial arm saw model GW1. The saw cord that is on it is for the high voltage. It needs to be replaced. I want to run it on the low voltage. I do not see any way to rewire for the low voltage. Can I just change the cord and run it on 110 volts? It has a 110-125 volt capacitor. Do I need to do anything else? Dean

  9. Carrie says:

    I have a 1956 Dewalt AMF Powershop that is like new. This was my Uncles, he had a small workshop in his basement that he refinished his basement with. He said he only did that one project and its been in his workshop ever since. Please contact me if you would like to buy. Carrie Price – Michigan 248-444-7101

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