Parks 12″ Planer

The Parks 12″ planers are literally famous in the woodworking community for being very well made and well performing yet sized small enough to fit in literally anyone’s shop. For a small planer this is the cream of the crop I think. I found this one locally and can’t wait to dig into it and get it refurb’d and running.

Update: I’ve sold this machine. It’s going to a good home!


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  1. Max L. Heflin says:

    I have a 12″planer just like yours. My 1 1/2 hp 240 volt motor is housed in an enclosed cabinet. Mine appears to be in working condition. When I turn the drive pulley everything turns.

    I have yet to clean it up and repaint. It looks like the only thing that I need is the two V-belts.

  2. Tom Bennett says:

    I bought a Parks planer like the one in the photo in 1978. I planed a bunch of lumber with it for 20 or so years. As I remember it, they had a combination ball bearing /babbit bearing system. I sent it back to Parks or a refit after 7 or 8 years of heavy use. I finally traded it outright for a Buss 208, 3 phase.The Parks planer is a realy nice machine!

  3. David says:

    You can get parts for Parks in Covington KY, a machine shop has all the stuff when Parks went out.

  4. john taylor says:

    looking for parts on a parks heavy duty thickness planer model 97 please help in the middle of rebuilding

  5. Wesley says:

    I have one of these Parks planers. I can tell you, this is a workhorse. I am wanting to put a helicoil cutterhead on it as soon as I find a fit up for it. When restoring one it is somewhat tricky aligning the bed with the cutterhead but is very doable.

  6. Randy Bockhold says:

    i was wondering if someone could give me an idea on what a mid 70′s combo unit is worth. it hasn’t been run for about 10 years but appears to be working order (needs cord to verify). it has its share of rust but all the parts move and are not froze up. i was wondering if $200 is too much or too little. could anyone help? thanks

  7. jim in INDY says:

    Hi: I just bought a PARKS planer, Model #11. This unit is like new , and I am needing a copy of a owners manual for this model. Any help would be appreciated. thanks for looking and have a good day!!!! jim in INDY

  8. Luke says:

    Jim, you can find a manual for that on the OWWM website probably.

  9. Mason Perkins says:

    I bought a parks 12 in plainer in 1976 from parks. paid $600 for plainer with no base and no motor. I still use it almost every week. only had one problem where a set screw holding one of the gears in place came loose due to shifting it in and out of gear. parts are still available from the company (i think) listed above. lots of places to grease and oil but not a problem. i use a 1 hp motor but a 3 hp is recommended. i just take more runs to get it down to size.
    i plan on switching to a 2 hp motor that i managed to snag for no cost.

  10. donald schrock says:

    I have just purchased a 12 inch parks planer. the gear box is loose.Does anyone know how loose it should be? I remember years ago when I was working at an old wood shop that the gear box just hung on the body of the planer.

  11. Mike Hughes says:

    Can any one tell me the name of the company in Covington KY that has Parks woodworking machinery for sale??? thanks Mike Hughes

  12. Phil Mapes says:

    I have a Model 97 parks planer dated to about 1937 with original cast iron base. Started restoration then realized the gear box had been broken around the fluted feed roll. a brazed repair was done, and it will work, but it leaves a open topped channel that is not amenable to the usual grease seal fix. I am looking for a used replacement if available. I understand the original motor was 3 hp 3ph. but it came with a 1 1/2 hp Wagner 1ph that is powerful enough, but rotates ccw and is not reversible. I have run it with a single twisted belt, and power is good. Would be interested in cw 1ph motor 1 1/2- 3hp 1725 rpm

  13. raymond says:

    ehere can i find an assemble manual for a parks planer

  14. steve powell says:

    I have had this parks 12″ planer for about 15 years and it needs tuned up desperatly . Need to know if I can get a manual showing how to get cutter head parallel to bed etc. Thanks,S. Powell

  15. dave reilly says:

    I would also like to know the name and # for the company in Covington ky that would have parts for my plainer any help is welcome.

    thanks dave madison wi

  16. Andrew Vincent says:

    Where could I buy a compression spring for a Parks Woodworking Machine Co. planer, Model No. 1747-1. The spring is 2-1/2″ long.

  17. Steve Hilton says:

    I bought a parks 12″ planer and am interested in getting it refurbished by someone who knows what they are doing. Can anyone help me with a company name, address, or phone number?

    Steve Prescott, Arkansas

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